Learning from the small molecule supply chain

bioLIVE - Rutger Oudejans, Brand Director at bioLIVE, postulates that the bio supply chain could learn some lessons from the small molecules sector. The bio industry continues to expand at rates above the traditional NCE (New Chemical Entitiy) sector, yet for the supply chain there are vital synergies that could help further accelerate developments. 

It's a key time for bio manufacturing in Europe, as larger supply chains are being built to meet new and rising demand. Thus far, as an industry, we have been pretty successful in adopting to growth in biologicals and biosimilars. But with greater numbers of BLA approvals now coming through (22 in 2017), and many other coming off patent - MAb production is forecasted to grow quickly - there remains a significant challenge for the supply chain to meet. 

In fact, it is my belief that htis year will usher in a new age of increased integration and collaboration across the large and small molecule supply chain. There are many areas in which we can collaborate, from the obvious crossover like ADCs (antibody drug conjugates) to the softer elements so critical to industry growth, such as...

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