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CDMO revenues reflect bio outsourcing surge says expert

Biopharmaceutical outsourcing has increased markedly in recent years with a greater volume of work previously kept in-house being handed over to third party contractors. The trend is evident in the...
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Pipelines, economics and IP: How bioprocessing tech firms assess markets

Epidemiology is a core skill for biopharmaceutical companies. Being able to identify an area of unmet medical need helps guide R&D strategy and, ultimately, is what shapes drug pipelines. It is...
bioLIVE Whitepaper - Opposite attract

bioLIVE Whitepaper | Opposites attract. Blurring the lines between small and large molecule manufacturing

bioLIVE's latest whitepaper collects finding from a panel of experts that have identified potential applications of small molecule expertise that should be applied to the biologics industry . Click...

Gene therapy: A complex and fast-evolving manufacturing challenge

Gene therapies could revolutionise the treatment of inherited diseases but firms hoping to follow Luxturna to market must remember that, from a manufacturing perspective, the field is still in its...

CDMOs primed for biologics boom

Outsourcing took longer to catch on in the biopharma sector than in the small molecule drug industry. Initially, biologic developers did production in-house with only activities like fill/finish...
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Interview with Mary Lynn Bercik of NIBRT on the bioLIVE breakfast session at CPhI North America

At CPhI North America, we are hosting a breakfast meeting to provide a sneak peek of next year’s all-new event: BioLive . We caught up with one of our expert speakers, Mary Lynn Bercik of Johnson...
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bioLIVE to Launch Global Biopharma Country Ranking

Global analysis will rank each major biomanufacturing country’s market growth potential, innovation and competitiveness.
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Bioprocessing overlap: Taking lessons from small molecule makers

Process control, quality management and training operators are areas where biomanufacturers can learn from small molecule makers, according to preliminary results from a BioPlan Associates survey.
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Continuous bioprocessing: A ‘life changing’ method, says NIBRT

NIBRT is embracing continuous bioprocessing says training director John Milne, who told us the method helps improve plant flexibility and could reduce manufacturing costs.
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Learning from the small molecule supply chain

The bio supply chain could learn some lessons from the small molecules sector. Even though a continuous expansion of rates above the traditional NCE sector, the supply chain can accelerate...

Viewpoint: 2018 a Critical Year for Maturation of European Bio Supply Chain

As Europe's growing biomanufacturing and bioprocessing industries develop, now a crucial time for the small-molecule and biopharma industries to integrate in order to facilitate growth.

Process Validation in Biologics Development

28/02/2018 Interviews
When it comes to outsourcing process validation of biologics, Abel Hastings, director of process sciences at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, says that the relationship between a contract...