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CPhI North America 2018

The second edition of CPhI North America is taking place on 24-26 April in Philadelphia. The event will host numerous conferences, exhibitor showcases and special events.

On Wednesday, April 25, 8:00–8:45 a.m., bioLIVE will host an invitation-only breakfast session which will provide a sneak peek of next year’s all-new event. The most important meal of the day just got even more important!

There is a vital need in today’s pharmaceutical business landscape by strategically connecting biotechs, big pharma, and service providers through the entire large molecule value chain. The breakfast session sponsored by bioLIVE will tap into this particular subject. Join to unite the large and small molecule worlds for a unique experience showcasing the collaborative power of the (bio)pharmaceutical industry.

Breakfast Session sponsored by bioLIVE: Accepting the Challenge

Over the last two decades, the development of immuno-oncology and next-generation cell-based therapeutics has truly revolutionized the Biologics Industry. In parallel with these advancements, a growing number of companies have also focused on rare diseases and biosimilars drug development, thereby further taxing an already constrained manufacturing Supply Chain.

Given the clear shortage of skilled labor and manufacturing resources, we submit that industry can no longer afford to manage these constraints independently, and therefore must actively partner with a globally recognized Institution such as NIBRT (National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training) to provide world class training for professionals and students who are pursuing a career in the Biologics Manufacturing Industry.

Furthermore, the inherent complexities of Biologics manufacturing mandates training programs that will support risk reduction, improve quality and efficiencies, and create innovative solutions throughout the Supply Chain. Over the past three years, highlighted in every industry forum, the feedback we have received has noted a lack a skilled workforce as our number one risk factor. The discovery of life-changing drugs is no longer our sole challenge - equally important is preserving and growing the skilled talent pool that enables the manufacturing of such innovative medicines.

Please join us to talk about how we are reducing this risk in North America with the newly created NIBRT and Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing Partnership

Dr. Ron Kander, Dean, Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce and Associate Provost for Applied Research, Jefferson University will talk about the future of the Institute and how you and your company can become involved.

CPhI North America showfloor in 2017

CPhI North America launched successfully in 2017. The USA based event is a marketplace designed to bring key business leaders together in order to foster dynamic business relationships. The inaugural event brought together the entire pharma eco-system, from early discovery to commercialisation, offering over 7,400 visitors access to the right partners at any stage of development.