Breakfast Briefing

Breakfast Briefing: An Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Processing

In collaboration with NIBRT
8:30-10:00, Wednesday 10th October, bioLIVE Insights Theatre, Hall 12

Join us on the second day of bioLIVE for breakfast, networking and thought leadership. In this free to attend session, delegates will be able to gain an appreciation of the excitement driving the Biopharmaceutical industry.
Discussion points will include:

• Understanding the fundamental differences between pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products
• Outline the major process steps involved in production of a biopharmaceutical product using antibodies as a case study
• Understand the importance of modified mammalian cells in protein/antibody production
• Appreciate the current trends and drivers within the biopharmaceutical landscape.

This session will be led by John Milne PhD, Training Director at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training.

The Breakfast Briefing is free to attend but seats are very limited, please register your interest here:

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John Milne

Speaker Bio

John Milne PhD is the Training Director at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, Dublin, Ireland., with responsibility for the development of competency based training and education programs for a variety of academic and industrial stakeholders. John received his PhD in Biochemistry from University College Dublin specialising in molecular enzymology. Within the biopharmaceutical industry he has performed in a variety of roles from process development, scale-up, tech transfer and commercial production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.