Sofiya Yashchuk

Technical Applications Specialist - BioPharma

Dr. Sofiya Yashchuk is a Technical Applications Specialist supporting Roquette’s BioPharmaceutical ingredients, used in manufacturing processes and formulation of biologic drugs. Roquette has a well-established history in manufacturing plant derived carbohydrates, polyols, and cyclodextrins; Sofiya supports technical development of these existing tools in biopharma applications, and drives the development of novel solutions to meet the challenges of biologic drugs production. Previous to joining Roquette, Sofiya worked at BASF Corporation as Business Development Manager in the Pharma Ingredients & Services division, where she also focused on ingredients for the BioPharmaceutical segment. Sofiya holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois and a PhD in Organic Medicinal Chemistry from Purdue University