Naveen Kulkarni

CEO Founder

IIn charge of Quantumzyme’s science and strategy, Naveen comes with over 20years of scientific &entrepreneurial experience in the drug discovery industry across the USA, Australia and India.Quantumzyme is a boutique enzyme engineering company focused on application of Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Modelling and Molecular Dynamics simulations to understand catalysis and provides the ability to rationalise suitable modifications to achieve the maximum benefit of biotransformationHe has published several research papers and the most notable was published in Nature July 2017with a few more interesting discoveries in the pipeline for the year.Naveen is an entrepreneur and hands-on executive officer with extensive knowledge of Pharma, Healthcare, regulatory and medical devices scenario in India. Solid Healthcare, Life Sciences background known for strategic and focused approach, with extensive accolades for establishing creative strategies for optimizing internal operations, financial returns, limiting risk, creating lean teams, and external customer service and output.Prior to founding Quantumzyme,he served as the CEO of Cryo Stemcell and prior to that as Director at Philips Research, where he was associated with a portfolio of opportunities for new business creation in healthcare and energy. In his previous roles, he has risen through the ranks -from being a bench worker at an Australian research institute to heading the strategic business unit of an American drug discovery informatics company. He has conceptualized and developed novel solutions for accelerating drug discovery and directed teams consisting of experts from different domains including chemistry, proteomics and systems biology. He has been instrumental in conceiving new ideas that are the basis for the company’s patent portfolio.